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These products significantly harm men’s health

The composition and amount of hormones in the male and female body are very different, therefore, the power must be different. After all, some products block the production of testosterone — the main male hormone, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua Testosterone has a huge impact on the quality …

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Named the main brands of tea

Scientists have named the six bad qualities of tea The benefit of tea known to many: he gives courage and great with the thirst, and stabilizes the heart, and fights aging, lowers cholesterol, and even stimulates mental activity, but at the same time, all these benefits of the drink does …

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Doctors called the first signs of diabetes

The diagnosis of diabetes require additional examination Sometimes, to suspect the presence of diabetes, it is sufficient to draw attention to one of these signs, writes the with reference on healthinfo. 1. The parameters that indicate a high risk of diabetes: Unfortunately, there is no any specific clinical symptoms, …

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The level of health of a person depends on his education

Attending universities people are less likely to face heart attacks and strokes. The more time we spend training, the more healthy you are. The researchers found that three additional years at a Desk reduce blood pressure and weight. Attending universities people are less likely to face heart attacks and strokes, …

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Open the gene that will help cure down syndrome

In recent years, biologists have discovered several genes and “problematic” parts of the brain. Experiments on chimeric mice helped American molecular biologists to isolate the gene, increased activity of which leads to the development of dementia in carriers of down syndrome. Their findings and the potential methods to “disable” this …

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The causes of chronic kidney disease

In the 90s, the disease had affected staff working on sugar cane plantations in Central America. American scientists in the study found that heavy physical work in hot climates is one of the main reasons for the spread of chronic kidney disease (CKD). On the work of specialists from the …

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Scientists have found out genes responsible for aging

Scientists were able to identify 60 of the transcriptome. An international group of scientists from the United States and Russia have identified drugs that can prolong life and slow down aging. The results of a study published in Scientific Reports. The study was determined “universal ageing” on the basis of …

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