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The causes of chronic kidney disease

In the 90s, the disease had affected staff working on sugar cane plantations in Central America.

American scientists in the study found that heavy physical work in hot climates is one of the main reasons for the spread of chronic kidney disease (CKD). On the work of specialists from the University of Colorado at Anshutz said in an article published in the New England journal of Medicine.

Experts have found that 90 disease of the affected employees working on the sugar plantations in Central America and in some developing countries. However, in 2012 died from CKD 20 thousand people living in California, Florida and Colorado. The reason why experts could not figure out. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“It’s not normal kidney disease it is not caused by high blood pressure or diabetes,” said Dr. Lee Newman.

According to him, a crucial role is played by climate change.

Work with toxins, such as with glyphosate, destroying weeds, doctors called the second cause CKD. The third cause of are infectious diseases that can affect the kidney (leptospirosis and Hantavirus). They can get sick if you swim in dirty water or as a result of infection after being bitten by ticks.

CKD leads to a decrease in renal function. In the result of kidney no longer cope with the withdrawal of fluid and breakdown products from the body. In the body is unbalanced, a person increased pressure, there are problems with the heart.

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