Friday , December 1 2023


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Оригинальные подарки на Новый год

Новогодняя пора – это елка, мандарины, шампанское, оливье и, конечно, подарки! Подарки – прекрасная возможность доставить радость близким, проявить внимание и любовь. Особенно приятно дарить и получать нужные вещи. Рассмотрим самые интересные Оригинальные подарки на Новый год 2020 для родных, друзей и коллег. 1. Ежедневник – отличный выбор. Огромный ассортимент …

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Eva Longoria came out in a revealing outfit

Eva Longoria stunned the white dress by Alberta Ferretti at Cannes. Perfect tan, slim legs and uploaded body – not hard to believe that Hollywood actress Eva Longoria recently gave birth to a son. The star of “Desperate Housewives” rather quickly brought himself into shape and returned to its former …

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A pair of lovers cats conquered the Network

Cute in the extreme. Love comes once to all. And animals are no exception. In the Internet appeared the video, heroes of which were the lovers seals. Animals are gently hugging and kissing. It proves once again that love is a feeling that has no boundaries. Love❤this Gepostet von Elena …

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Wildlife in the hilarious pics

They also know how to surprise. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards — photo contest unusual. Here, the jury will select the funniest pictures of animals from around the world that the authors of the images provided with the appropriate signatures. 1. In the ambush. (Photo Mike Rowe | Comedy Wildlife Photo …

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Network laugh VAZ-2112 in avtonomera

Car was brought from Lithuania. As we already wrote about the fact that from Europe to Ukraine carry not only Opel, BMW and Audi. Sometimes Lanos, Vases and Gases can also be found on the “plates”! Why, it is not surprising – in the Old world, these cars can be …

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The dog managed to delete hundreds of Facebook posts

The dog is accidentally deleted hundreds of publications in the network Facebook, and tricked the elderly lady. Linda MIMS from the English village of Tutbury, Staffordshire, went to take a bath and left a mobile phone on a chair in the living room. After returning a 69 year-old pensioner came …

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The Network ridiculed a fresh photo of Putin

The caused a lot of caustic comments. In the Network appeared new photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a solemn reception in Moscow. “Putin in the Kremlin at the ceremony of awards. It this time, well, really bad itaaly on backup: “as nailed, and held”)) ” — ironically commented …

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