Wednesday , July 26 2017

Ukraine is concerned about the situation around the Temple mount

The Ukrainian party during a meeting of the UN security Council clearly expressed its position. In aggravated around the Temple mount in Jerusalem, the conflict, Ukraine has consistently adhered to the principle of “two States”. This was stated by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko …

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Doctors told about the amazing property of alcohol

The experts were able to detect a positive effect of alcohol on a person’s memory. Researchers from Exeter University have shown that alcohol actually improves memory, including at home. According to the results of the experiments, people who consume alcohol after the training, remember the material better than those who …

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Famous person without tons of makeup and photoshop. Photo

Unexpected shots of favorite of our personalities. Regardless of whether they appear in movies and music videos or on the covers of magazines, celebrities rarely show their face without makeup or photoshop. But sometimes they make exceptions and want to be normal people during the day. Meet celebrities without makeup …

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