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Почему стоит посмотреть художественный фильм «Гренландия»

Если вы еще не смотрели фильм « Гренландия», то стоит это сделать. Но лучше посмотреть его в хорошем качестве, особенно с хорошим звуком. Фильм достоин похода в кинотеатр. Возможно, это лучший фильм из тех, что вышли в прокат в 2020 году. «Гренландия» – фильм-катастрофа производства США, полностью снятый в течение …

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In the new film, Tarantino appears Bruce Lee

Actor Mike Mo, known for the TV series “Street fighter: Fist killer” and “Supermen”, will play the role of the legendary Bruce Lee in the upcoming crime film “Once in Hollywood”, the effect of which will unfold in the 60s. Television actor Rick Dalton after one successful Western TV series …

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Music is like a puzzle in the movie “Sonata” (TRAILER)

CTB film companyinvolved in production of the Franco-British mystical Thriller Sonata (The Sonata), introduced Russian debut teaser trailer. And you know what? No surprises there has not been. Earlier, we already wrote about this project, but then we still did not know that the picture involved… Rutger Hauer. Veteranide veteranide …

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10 frames and 1 poster drug “Ecstasy”

Yesterday we dived straight to hell with a new trailer extraordinary dance horror film “Ecstasy”, and now enumerates a dozen juicy shots from there. Birth and death — is an incredible experience, and life — stealing pleasure. Graduates of the contemporary dance Academy decide to have a farewell party. However, …

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Magic and eroticism in “Mystical Show” (TRAILER)

The film, which has been called “a masterpiece of magic realism”, released in Russian cinemas on 23 August 2018. Welcome to “the Show, the Mystic”! In the film production involved three countries: Brazil, Portugal, France, and directed by Carlos Diegis. The main role went to Vincent Kassel, de Mariana the …

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Russian trailer for the merciless MANDY

The Russian premiere of the action horror film “Mandy” will be held next month, what reminds the localized version of the trailer. Without some ad-libbing in the dub didn’t do, but this stuff. Thanks to the distributor , Cinema Prestige for what actually brought this movie in Russia! We will …

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