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The first poster for the new “Slenderman”

You remember that in 2018 there will be another incarnation of the Thin man on the big screen? Based on Internet stories about the same character in a horror movie Slender Man developed in 2016, but only in the past year, the project decided on by the team, and it …

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E***th poster the End f***of the light

The name of the series itself attracts attention, but apart from him there is something to entice the viewer. “End of f***of the world” (The End Of The F***ing World) – a film adaptation of the comic book series, winner of several awards. There are no superheroes and megaslide, but …

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How cats react to the “Very strange things”? (VIDEO)

Netflix is experimenting on animals! Was in the second season, Stranger Things scene, which will seem especially terrible if you’re a big pet lover or just a cat. So here are the new promotional video of the series, this scene shows several cats. Pretty harsh, huh? We will remind, the …

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Goodbye “Psychopaths” always ends badly (VIDEO)

In the next excerpt from Thriller Psychopaths lit Angela Trimbur, familiar to audiences for “Halloween 2” in 2009. Blondie. That’s the name of her character, and she got out, which at first glance is not quite according to plan… well, perhaps that was the plan? A couple of her in …

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Some doors are best left open: see excerpt from “Astral 4”

The world premiere of Adam Robitel “Astral 4: the final key” (Insidious: The Last Key) will be held tomorrow. For those who are lost in the new year’s celebration, please note that tomorrow, January 3. However, to the Russian audience the movie gets only two weeks later. Well, wait, especially …

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