Thursday , June 8 2023
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In development is a sequel to “the Train to Busan”

The hit Korean zombie horror “Train to Busan” will be continued. I think it was inevitable: after all, talking about one of the best horror films of recent years. English-language remake had plans, animated prequel. It’s time to think about what happened next. Sequel already in development: resource AllKPop was …

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When you need to understand what makes you live (VIDEO)

In the latest excerpt from Thriller “That makes you want to live” the main character just doing everything to survive despite wounds. Sucks when your wife declares you hunt, right? Synopsis pictures terse: The film will set up a female couple at each other on the day of their first …

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MEG: scientific blunders

When Peter Perminov – the person who understands the monsters of the deep like no other, because it is not only a fan of horror, but also a marine biologist. Went yesterday with my wife on a”Monster of the deep”. Liked. In the middle of the film, however, a bit …

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Screamer from Nuns (VIDEO)

The horror movie “curse of the nuns” promises to be terrible, but on YouTube showed a promo video that tries to scare you right now. A good old screamer designed for simpletons, but maybe someone will be enough? Well, the film will tell a more intricate and eerie story: When …

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A pack of posters serial “the purge”

One of the most memorable genre franchises of the last time gets ready to jump from large screens to small. No sooner had the spectators to check out “the purge. The beginning of” how to prepare for a new “Cleansing”. Because soon legally will kill on TV. Before the premiere …

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The original design for Loki kynoselen Marvel was creepy

The Internet has got unexpected concept art of one of the most loved characters in kynoselen Marvel comics. Now Loki fans of the franchise is associated exclusively with cute long-haired hottie in the performance of the true Briton Tom Hiddleston – but under the idea that the villain could get …

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A spectacular poster of punk horror “Ranger”

The horror film The Ranger takes the spectators back in the heyday of one of the most vivid and wild subcultures. In this case, the location of the painting to become dense forest. The young Chelsea and her friends are having problems with the police, so leaving the city, they …

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