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Music is like a puzzle in the movie “Sonata” (TRAILER)

CTB film companyinvolved in production of the Franco-British mystical Thriller Sonata (The Sonata), introduced Russian debut teaser trailer. And you know what? No surprises there has not been.

Earlier, we already wrote about this project, but then we still did not know that the picture involved… Rutger Hauer. Veteranide veteranide of the acting profession, which is the eighth decade is still popular and actively removed. And if participation in the upcoming “Wii 2” seems pretty dubious proposition, in the third season of “Zero channel” Hauer was in his place – and was damn good!

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In the Sonata, however, the role the actor clearly got very big – in the teaser we show it only in the form of… a portrait on the wall. What, in General, it is not surprising, because the character of Hauer, apparently, died the beginning of the film:

Virtuoso violinist Rosa (Frey tingly) inherits an old estate of his father – a famous composer (Rutger Hauer), who died under strange circumstances. Knowing nothing about the life of the father, the reclusive, rose is the last of the sonatas and unwittingly launches a sophisticated mechanism, invented by the composer long before she was born. It seems that the house and its surroundings kept such secrecy that even the most talented work they did not redeem.

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In the Sonata also played starred Freya tingly (“Hemlock grove”), Bruce Davison (“apt pupil”, “the Verdict for money”), Simon Abkarian (“Casino Royale”), Matt Barber (TV’s “Dracula”) and others.

Premiere of “Sonata” to be held in 2018. According to some – but it is not accurate! – 29 Nov.

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