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10 frames and 1 poster drug “Ecstasy”

Yesterday we dived straight to hell with a new trailer extraordinary dance horror film “Ecstasy”, and now enumerates a dozen juicy shots from there.

Birth and death — is an incredible experience, and life — stealing pleasure. Graduates of the contemporary dance Academy decide to have a farewell party. However, in a mysterious way under the increasing rhythm of the music covers them all euphoria, which is impossible to resist. Now ruled by the sinister chaos, and salvation can be found only to give his soul dance. For some, this night will turn into an ordeal, and others know real ecstasy…

Of the familiar names in caste Sofia Boutella (“Kingsman: the Golden ring”). The rest better known as dancers, but in the movie, too, sometimes flicker: Romain Guillermic (“Electro Mathematics”), Suhail Yaqub (“Hungry”), the Kiddie Smile (C à vous), Siberian , Sherlyn temple and others.

Director and script author — Gaspar noé (“enter the void”).

The Russian premiere of “Ecstasy” is scheduled for 11 October this year.

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