Monday , November 30 2020

‘I’m going to RELEASE THE KRAKEN’: Michael Flynn’s attorney vows to expose Dem collusion behind prominent voting machine firm

Powell, who is representing former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn in his Russiagate-spawned legal battle, leveled her own allegations of foreign collusion and election meddling on Fox News’ Lou Dobbs Tonight show on Friday. Threatening those responsible with a “new American revolution,” she called for a sweeping probe into …

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Ready to concede? Trump hints at 1-term tenure, reportedly says he will ‘surrender’ if legal challenges fail

The Trump administration has yet to formally acknowledge the Democrat’s projected electoral victory and has even blocked Biden from receiving intelligence briefings. However, the president let slip during remarks about the US government’s Covid-19 vaccine development program that his presidential opponent may ultimately prevail.  While discussing his position on coronavirus …

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Israeli spies allegedly killed al-Qaeda second-in-command in Iran 3 months ago… & all countries involved have kept mum until NOW?

Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command and his daughter were shot dead three months ago in the streets of Tehran by a pair of Israeli assassins acting “at the behest of the United States,” the NYT reported on Friday. Iranian authorities have supposedly kept the killing under wraps, and al-Qaeda itself has not revealed the death of …

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