Wednesday , May 24 2017

Waterfall of mud in the mountains of Dagestan. Video

In Dagestan, on one of the mountain slopes collapsed mud flow. In the Internet appeared the footage of mudslides had recently hit one of the mountain roads of Dagestan. According to emergency services of the Republic, the incident occurred due to heavy rains, spilled recently in the region. Fallout caused …

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The “wild West” in unique shots. Photo

By the beginning of XX century, the Wild West as a cultural phenomenon has ceased to exist. River of caravans of immigrants became shallow, the land for the most part was already divided between the farmers, the poor Indians were herded into reservations, the dashing of the gang went underground. …

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Abused the dog and hit the girl, Kiev looking for a knacker

Note that for a short time, her revelatory article has garnered over 500 “likes” and “shares”. On Saturday, may 20, the city of activists was recorded act of animal cruelty. At the moment flayer is wanted, reports UNN with reference to facebook of the beholder. “I rarely write posts, but …

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