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Experts told what foods effectively burn fat

Nutritionists have shared useful information. Each of us wants to believe in miracles, especially when it comes to weight loss. It is quite difficult to constantly adhere to proper diet and exercise regularly so there are always new diets that promise ultra-efficient results within a very short time. But you …

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Doctors have warned of the dangers of drinking water

Discovered the link between diarrhoeal diseases and muddy water. Representatives of the School of public health Dornsife found no Association between diarrhoeal diseases and muddy water. Though in the framework of the ten studies had similar results. Acute ZHKZ can be caused by pathogens, waterborne, such as norovirus, Giardia, or …

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In Kiev in difficult circumstances missing woman

Police received a rather strange statement. The police of Kiev is looking for 26-year-old woman who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the Svyatoshinsky district of the capital. The disappearance of a woman reported her brother. “The man said that he and his sister were temporarily staying in a relative near …

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