Wednesday , August 4 2021

Australian military quietly releases reform plan to address ‘serious & systemic’ failings exposed by Afghanistan war crimes report

Last November, the Brereton inquiry found sufficient credible evidence to allege that 25 Australian soldiers were involved in the murder of 39 Afghan civilians and prisoners. Recommending a criminal investigation, it warned of a “warrior culture” within the country’s special forces, and of “the clique of non-commissioned officers who propagated …

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Eruption of ‘terrorist propaganda’ on Gettr thrills Trump haters – except it’s on Twitter & Facebook, too

Wallowing in schadenfreude as it describes the purported IS (formerly ISIS) terrorist organization’s sympathizers who’ve supposedly found a home on the pro-Trump social network that recently sprung up following the ex-president’s exile from Twitter, Politico notes that Gettr’s “‘free speech’ policy” will “purportedly… allow users to fully express themselves without …

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