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Funny pictures made with the shadows

Pictures taken accidentally. One has only to approach the matter with imagination, to notice all the details all around, and then you can get those photos that will be admired and remembered. 1. For someone just a shadow, but for someone face 2. Me and my best friend at the …

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Funny dogs who don’t sit around

They give us a positive. What is common in dogs and people? They are smart and full of energy. Just a little practice, our four-legged companions can easily learn all kinds of useful tasks that people perform. So why not hire them? It turns out some people have already done …

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Funny pictures of people repeating after their Pets

It has become a trend of social networks. This began with 24-year-old Liam rice, he first posted on Twitter funny photos with his husky named Luna, where he copied the expression on her face. This idea came to mind to many people, and they can then upload their photos. They …

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Lovers of dogs showed in funny pics

Cute in the extreme. Photographer-animal painter Craig Turner-Bullock (Craig Turner-Bullock) photographed several pairs of very loved dogs in the style of wedding photography. Not sure it will be a dog of the same species, sometimes friends become animals of completely different species.

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The Chinese woman paid for a brand new car detail

To count the money had for three days. In Cangzhou (Hebei province), the Chinese paid for the purchase of a Volkswagen Passat detail. The cost of 190 thousand yuan ($27.5 million). The woman was brought to the dealership for 66 sacks of coins totaling 131 492 June (more than $19 …

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