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The doctors warned about the dangers of mold on bread

Врачи предостерегли об опасности плесени на хлебе

Many are wondering if the bread there was mold do I need from him to get rid of, or still this product can save?

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According to experts, moldy bread because of the very long-term storage, or due to the fact that it was stored incorrectly, warm and in a tightly closed package. Is it possible to save bread if mold has formed only on some portion thereof, which can be easily cut.

According to microbiologist Svetlana Zubatova to save moldy bread makes sense only in a minor damage – mold is located only on the surface and on the small hearth. A piece of bread with it should be cut, and the knife is then carefully washed and dried for the destruction of spores. Of the rescued pieces of bread according to experts it is better to make crackers or toast, that is, subjected to heat treatment. Even if the bread, which was moldy, it seems good, it can have its disputes, and better product to “bake” in the oven.

But if the mold has appeared inside the bread, such a product need no regrets to throw away, it is simply dangerous. Microbiologist noted that the mold can provoke the appearance of respiratory diseases and skin asthma, pneumonia, dermatitis, eating disorder, allergies. The greatest threat to health mould conceals for people with weakened immune systems: children, the elderly, and those who have had it and still not properly recovered.

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The most dangerous kinds of mold are those that have color, such as black, green, grey, the expert added.

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