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The doctors explained what probiotics are different from prebiotics

Врачи объяснили, чем отличаются пробиотики от пребиотиков

Once you have studied all of the popular trends in health and nutrition, immediately there is some new concept that you still amazing.

You are probably familiar with probiotics and am now trying to consume right and healthy for digestion foods or taking supplements of beneficial intestinal bacteria. However, a relatively new product with almost the same title may confuse you. And it prebiotics with the difference in name is exactly one letter. Now get ready for another new! Already talking about postbirth. Let’s try to understand all this. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.


For a start, let us examine how probiotics work. In the gut (mainly the colon) is home to a large population of bacteria over a hundred trillion. This incredible crowd of tiny creatures affect your health and well-being as a colony of “good” bacteria AIDS digestion, while “bad” bacteria causes its breakdown.

The microbiome (the designation of all dwelleth in you bacteria) became the center of attention of scientists as “good” germs living in the gut, in their opinion, lead to the reduction of the risk of mass the most common ailments of our time. It is understandable why the use of probiotics has become so popular. They are contained in foods such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, and are also available in tablet form.


So now we know how probiotics work, but we can still support. To probiotics functioned effectively, they need to provide a comfortable environment. May they feel the most comfortable in your gut! And this is just designed prebiotics.

In other words, they are food for the beneficial probiotics: this is why they need prebiotic fiber. This fiber is quite rough and tough to travel throughout the digestive tract and reach the colon, where, in fact, dwell probiotics. Grains, vegetables (root vegetables) and fruits – this is a prebiotic fiber. Some of the best are bananas, asparagus, garlic, leafy greens, soybeans.

Meet postbotin

Postbiology is what remains after the entire process of digestion. As the bacteria digest fiber in your digestive tract, this activity leads to the formation of metabolic compounds. In the past, scientists believed postbotin nothing more than by-products, but now their interest in waste-digestion for the treatment and prevention of intestinal inflammation and irritation has increased markedly. The study of postbiblical is still at an early stage, because in the near future don’t wait for their appearance on the shelves along with Pro – and prebiotics.

However, in our world almost all really compact and can be put in one pill, therefore, with high probability we can foresee that postitions tablets in the future flooded the markets.

What to choose? Probiotics or prebiotics?

Since “good” bacteria are good for us, probiotics can be considered the right choice. But here scholars continue to argue for the usefulness of probiotic supplements. On the one hand, the consumption of probiotics are extremely useful, for example, after taking a course of antibiotics to restore intestinal flora and return it to “normal”.

However, probiotic supplements while proved its advantages only in the case of running and heavy conditions. In other cases it makes no sense for them to lean. Better to pay attention to rich in probiotics foods, where there are lots of other useful compounds: the calcium and protein in dairy products and vitamin C in crispy sour cabbage.

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Speaking of prebiotics, it is recommended to take also not in the form of tablets, and as a natural food. However, if your diet includes lots of fruits, vegetables or whole grains, then maybe it is advisable to think about prebiotic supplements.

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