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Named the main brands of tea

Названы основные вредные качества чая

Scientists have named the six bad qualities of tea

The benefit of tea known to many: he gives courage and great with the thirst, and stabilizes the heart, and fights aging, lowers cholesterol, and even stimulates mental activity, but at the same time, all these benefits of the drink does not shield us from its drawbacks, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Provokes bleeding. English audiologist, and part-time plastic surgeon and I am sure that drinking scalding hot tea may trigger a nosebleed. A number of scholars went further, and argue that beloved by many a drink in the hot increases the risk of esophageal cancer. The perfect temperature of tea is called 50C…60C. He reaches her in about 5-6 minutes after brewing.

Destroys bones and teeth — we are talking about an overly strong drink in large volumes. In history there was a precedent, when a woman brought itself to skeletal fluorosis many years of eating terribly strong tea. Nutritionists advise to limit to 5 cups of this drink a day.

Contains heavy metals. Basically, it refers to packaged tea. Canadian researchers have found that there are a number of these substances. The longer the drink is brewed, the more heavy metals is in the circle. Experts recommend to limit the steeping time to three minutes, or choose white tea, whose leaves simply do not have time to accumulate a dangerous amount of these substances.

The danger to the liver. In this case we are talking about herbal teas, which often accumulate in itself extremely harmful to the liver alkaloids. Four years ago, in one of the American scientific journals, an article appeared about the study of herbal teas for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and infants. In 86% of them were alkaloids. This category of persons significantly these toxins hitting the liver.

Provoke iron deficiency. If you drink tea immediately after a meal, he will be assimilated received from food iron. To such conclusion scientists from the University of California. Doctors recommend to pause between the food and tea at least 20 minutes.

Provides sleeplessness. Don’t forget about the caffeine, which is abundantly found in tea. This drink is best reserved for the morning or day and not to drink before bedtime. Otherwise, the long count sheep, you are guaranteed.

Also, earlier it was reported that warm drinks for colds and especially flu the body needs in large amounts, but it was warm, because too hot water can greatly aggravate the symptoms and course of the disease.

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