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‘The bears can see this is Putin:’ Kremlin laughs off dangers after President takes vacation at Siberian nature reserve (VIDEO)

Putin was accompanied by Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Gennady Kiselev, the director of the supervision team at the Sayano-Shushenski Nature Reserve they visited. The 964,620 acre facility is relatively close to Russia’s border with Mongolia.  Russian President Vladimir Putin spends a short vacation in Siberia, Russia. © Sputnik/Alexei Druzhinin/Kremlin via …

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Time for Texit? Texas talks of SECEDING from US, but progressives still don’t see the dangers of their radical, divisive plans

No longer content to see the term ‘parallel realities’ used as just a metaphor to explain America’s intractable standoff between Republicans and Democrats, one Texas representative is now calling for full separation from the American franchise. Smack in the middle of the most consequential presidential election in US history, Republican …

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Doctors told about the new dangers of electronic cigarettes

Vaping can cause inflammation and reduce the activity of alveolar macrophages. A new study by scientists from the University of Birmingham (UK) shows that e-cigarettes can damage lung cells. Despite the widespread belief that such cigarettes are alternative to Smoking, they should be treated with caution, informs ScienceDaily. University Professor …

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Doctors told about the dangers of different types of Smoking

Better to just abandon this habit. About what threatens the body Smoking, can be read on any pack of cigarettes. Therefore, many smokers who do not wish to completely abandon bad habits, looking for alternative: electronic cigarette, vaping, hookah. But is it really safe these kinds of Smoking? Let us …

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Doctors warn about the dangers of diet pills with green tea

Canadian experts released an alarming warning to the lovers of diet pills with green tea. These dietary supplements tied to two deaths and cases of liver damage, while one of the teenagers even dialysis. Canadian sanitation office demanded to place more stringent warnings on the packaging of green tea extract …

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Doctors have warned of the dangers of soap

Proven mortal danger soapScientists from the Institute of theoretical and experimental Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino proved that triclosan — an antibiotic used, in particular, in a soap — starts the self-destruct sequence in mammalian cells. Experts, having carried out experiments on rats showed that triclosan, disturbing the …

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