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Doctors called the first signs of diabetes

Медики назвали первые признаки сахарного диабета

The diagnosis of diabetes require additional examination

Sometimes, to suspect the presence of diabetes, it is sufficient to draw attention to one of these signs, writes the with reference on healthinfo. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. The parameters that indicate a high risk of diabetes:

Unfortunately, there is no any specific clinical symptoms, on the basis of which we can confidently infer the presence or absence of diabetes.

At the same time, there are several parameters that indicate a high probability of developing diabetes:

— overweight

— waist size of more than 82 cm,

— diabetes type 2 diabetes relatives.

Women with these risk factors should be more carefully monitor their diet, health and lose weight.

2. Changes in well-being.

In half of the cases the development of diabetes mellitus type 2 in General is not accompanied by any symptoms, and the disease is detected incidentally. The other half of patients may experience the following symptoms:

— thirst,

— dry mouth,

— frequent urination,

— fatigue,

— increased frequency of urinary infections (due to immunosuppression).

In any case, the diagnosis of diabetes required additional examination: laboratory determination of the level of glucose in the blood. To focus only on the clinical picture in this case is impossible.

3. Tests that you must pass.

If you suspect yourself have diabetes mellitus or are in a group at high risk of developing the disease, it is necessary to first consult a therapist, General practitioner or endocrinologist for a referral for a blood test for glucose.

In some medical institutions with first-aid rooms, which are equipped with glucose meters – portable instruments for assessment of the level of glucose in the blood.

4. Prevention

The primary method of preventing diabetes type 2 diabetes is to achieve and maintain normal body weight through proper nutrition and an adequate level of physical activity. First and foremost, you need to eliminate from the diet “food waste”: high-calorie foods that do not contain in their composition vitamins, minerals and fiber. To them primarily include sweet pastries, cakes, pies, fast food, fizzy drinks, fruit juices and nectars of industrial production, mayonnaise and snacks. In addition, be aware of normal daily energy intake. For the vast majority of women, this figure should not exceed 1500-1700 kcal.

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