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Called seven rules for a long life

Need to control cholesterol. American cardiologist Clyde Yancy made recommendations, following which can ensure longevity. He believes that the human body is originally programmed for a long life. Reduce generally unhealthy habits. The doctor advises to increase physical activity: running, swimming, intensive walking. Among sedentary people, according to him, several …

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Named a way to reduce the risk of heart failure

The diet aims to lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart problems by almost two times. Adhering to the system of food DASH diet for the treatment of hypertension – have a low risk of developing heart failure, said experts of the Medical school of Wake forest (USA). Doctors …

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Called porridge, can prevent obesity

The results of the latest research. Examining the link between eating rice and the risk of obesity, the researchers came to the conclusion that its use can protect against excess fat in the body. Regular, but moderate consumption of rice is able to prevent the development of human obesity – …

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Suprun told how to “clean” the liver

Really the liver performs many functions in the body. Advice concerning liver health, you can find the information that you need to clean the liver detoxes, medications and mineral water. They say that the liver accumulates toxins. Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun notes that such methods are …

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Eye pain wearing glasses: named the most common causes

Pain should not be ignored. Glasses – the most popular means of vision correction. It can be used to solve many problems: nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even somewhat cross-eyed. Moreover, this optics does not require so thorough and complex care, like contact lenses and more simple in terms of addiction. …

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Doctors have developed an unusual way to lose weight

American scientists have discovered an unusual way to lose weightScientists from Drechselschule University (USA) has developed a very unusual method of losing weight. As it turned out, a new method of getting rid of excess weight is based on the cognitive computer game. Academic staff claim that they have developed …

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How to cleanse the body in spring: advice of a nutritionist

In the same conditions as domestic cleaning procedures should be light and pleasant, most importantly – safe. Spring is associated with renewal and new life – nature begins to awaken, delighting the eye and improving mood. Few people know that in the spring the human body is also susceptible to …

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