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In Ukraine imposed a ban on popular antiseptic

The drug is used for disinfection.The state service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control established a permanent ban on one lot of the drug “Ethanol 96%”. We are talking about the drug “ethanol 96%”, solution for external use 96% 100 ml in glass vials series 040318. The manufacturer – …

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Seven ways to excrete excess water

They really work. The excess fluid causes bloating and discomfort. And often leads to “water weight”. Limit consumption of sodium. For the normal functioning of the body needs to maintain a balance of sodium and water. With the increased level of sodium the body absorbs more water, which leads to …

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The doctors explained why it may be tremor of the extremities

This is a symptom of dangerous diseases. Often with trembling limbs experienced by older people. It’s not directly life-threatening, but can be a symptom of some serious disorders. Hypothyroidism. Excessive activity of the thyroid gland affects all metabolic processes of the body, which becomes abnormal. Hypothyroidism can also cause tremor …

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Doctors told about the benefits of red wine

It has a bactericidal effect and strengthens the protective functions of the bodyThe doctors told us about the benefits of dry red wine, emphasizing the importance of moderate consumption. So, experts say that red wine has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. In addition, it stimulates a decrease in the …

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Suprun said than can be replaced more costly bow

Bow many can not afford. After a record rise in price of onions in Ukraine, many people wonder what products it can replace.According to the acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun, there is not less useful and nutritious foods. How to write a medical Facebooк, many do not, …

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To dispel the myths about heart failure

Scientists have refuted some of the most popular myths. In particular, the allegation that victims of the disease harmful physical load, is not true. In reality, sports can be one of the treatments. Scientists have refuted some of the most popular myths in relation to heart failure. They also stressed …

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Discovered a method of recovery of the retinal cells

Scientists have found that mammals, too, there is a natural mechanism of regeneration. American researchers have found that prevents to recover the retina. The regeneration of the inner lining of the eye in humans and mammals, prevents a natural mechanism, do not give rise to living tissue. The researchers changed …

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