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These familiar foods not worth eating for Breakfast

Эти привычные продукты не стоит есть на завтракYou can’t eat them on an empty stomach.

‘ve all heard that Breakfast is the guarantee of health and vivacity for the whole day. But despite this, many still in the morning eat what comes to hand or not eat Breakfast at all.

In this article we will try to understand what foods you can’t eat on an empty stomach.

1. Sandwiches with sausage

How much we can remember, parents often force-fed us Breakfast sandwiches with sausage, forgetting that the composition of sausages and hams includes many harmful components. Some of them cause the development of cancer. Do not torture the body in the morning such things as these “chemical” attack can be very frustrating to affect your health.

2. A quick Breakfast

Despite the fact that advertising and then insists on a delicious Breakfast of sweet cereal, use in such food there is no. Fast carbs not only dramatically increase the level of sugar in the blood, but cause very soon the feeling of hunger and so you should be afraid of overeating and as a consequence – the emergence of excess weight.

3. Citrus

Citrus fruits, eaten on an empty stomach, can cause the development of gastritis or allergies. So do not be fashion trend for morning juices or smoothies. Before you drink a glass of citrus drink, better than a good Breakfast.

4. Bananas

In this list, the bananas were not just. The fact that they have a large amount of magnesium, which can affect the cardiovascular system. If you allow yourself often for Breakfast eat bananas, to fear a calcium-magnesium imbalance.

5. Red meat

In red meat a lot of items that are very hard to digest in the morning. Therefore, the use of animal protein is better to leave for lunch when the body gains strength to cope with so many difficult elements.

6. Raw vegetables

In raw vegetables much acid, which irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach. To fear problems with digestion.

7. Garlic

If you don’t love the smell of garlic breath, you can be sure that it is not so useful in the morning. It contains the substance allicin, which irritates the wall of the gallbladder and stomach, which may gastrospasm.

8. Coffee

We’re not going to convince you so that you quit drinking coffee. If you also prefer this flavored drink in the morning, you just shouldn’t drink it on an empty stomach. Coffee on an empty stomach irritates the mucous membrane, increases secretion of gastric juice and contributes to the development of gastritis. So eat something and then drink coffee to the morning not to provoke pain in the stomach.

9. Sweets

It is no secret that sweets are harmful in and of themselves, what to speak of eating them on an empty stomach. The fact that after waking up the pancreas is unable to produce proper amount of insulin to digest this product. And this in turn leads to increased blood sugar and development of diabetes. Sugar on an empty stomach causes the pancreas to work hard.

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