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Called the foods containing oxalic acid

Organic oxalic acid is essential for our body. But when oxalic acid is cooked or processed, it becomes dead, or inorganic and thus harmful to our body. What is oxalic acid? Oxalic acid is a colorless organic compound, which occurs naturally in plants, animals and people. Organic oxalic acid is …

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Named the most healthy foods for tooth enamel

This food protects your teeth while preserving their health. Dental health is very important for the human body, so they should be carefully looked after. According to dentists, the use of these products ensures the intake of microelements, which is necessary for proper blood supply to the gums, the health …

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Called foods that fight with cancer

They need to use regularly. Some products are able to fight many diseases, especially cancer, so they need to use regularly. Grain Chia enriched with protein, says Men’s Life. They are enriched with antioxidants – queratina, kaempferol and chlorogenic acid, which is a good prevention of lung cancer and prostate …

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Doctors called the best foods for digestive

They are perfectly clean. To cleanse and correct the digestive tract should drink daily on an empty stomach 1 glass of water. It activates the internal organs and sets the necessary tone for the whole day. Water should not be cold, the best temperature – human body temperature, says Natalia …

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