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In these health facilities do not treat patients, and to achieve them

About the St. Petersburg hospital for war veterans, and “Lenexpo”: these medical facilities are not treating patients and seek their 59-year-old Petersburger Natalia Rubchevskaya infected with coronavirus in the hospital for war veterans, said, than turned to her month of treatment. Her mother’s story to the correspondent of “Rosbalt” has …

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Previously, these professors – historians raped their Homeland, now they rape their students

Professor brutally murdered Anastasia Yeshchenko, defended sexual relations of teachers with pupils   Another Professor-a pervert, a colleague Professor of the St. Petersburg-dismantler Oleg Sokolov – doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Institute of history, St. Petersburg state University, laureate of the St. Petersburg state University “For fundamental achievements in research” …

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These elections broke down the society

The results of the single voting day can be the beginning of change in Russia. It is not excluded that dramatically. The ruling party and its phony “independents” have won in most regions. It would seem that “United Russia” needs to rest on our laurels. But experts believe that it …

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Is nothing sacred to these people

The more people and the victims – the better for them. Specially choose the dates and the places where the most people. Nobody otherwise they will not hear and will not notice. When is the rally in a time of great celebration – once it is clear that the aim …

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These products significantly harm men’s health

The composition and amount of hormones in the male and female body are very different, therefore, the power must be different. After all, some products block the production of testosterone — the main male hormone, writes the with reference to Golos.Ua Testosterone has a huge impact on the quality …

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These products are harmful to eat in the morning

They can harm the stomach. First and foremost, experts on nutrition, not to eat in the morning, foods that cause stomach irritation. Dietitian Nadezhda Stepanova told about what products it is better not to eat for Breakfast. According to experts, in the morning to avoid food and drinks that may …

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