Friday , June 25 2021
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‘It sends a clear message that our daughters’ rights are worth fighting for’: New rules on transgender athletes passed in US state

Republican chief Tate Reeves said the first anti-trans legislation approved by a governor this year would “ensure that young girls in Mississippi have a fair, level playing field in public schools”, carrying out a symbolic public signing after supporters of similar bills argued that trans women have a physical advantage …

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Blinken’s vow to avoid ‘costly military interventions’ isn’t worth the paper it’s written on – sanctions cause just as much damage

More remarkably, while embracing the cause of global democracy, Blinken appeared to have little time for democracy as practiced in the US.  The goal of Blinken’s speech, delivered virtually to the American people on Wednesday, was to introduce the Biden administration’s newly-issued “Interim National Security Strategic Guidance,” that is supposedly …

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Net returns: Football icon Lionel Messi’s contract is not worth a fraction of the drama his departure from Barcelona would cause

The level of intrigue to be had in sports stars’ contracts is not necessarily commensurate with the stature of the individuals concerned. One of the behind-the-scenes elements with the minutiae to fascinate fans, their curious clauses and extravagant extras can delight or appal when their details are demystified, a glimpse of personal and professional demands in one …

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