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These berries suggest there are older people

Эти ягоды советуют есть пожилым людямEating grapes twice a day can provide protection from senile dementia.

To such conclusion experts in the field of healthy nutrition, University of California, Los Angeles.

American scientists have proved that the consumption of grapes twice a day for 6 months provides protection of the brain against pathological processes associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The results of the study showed that grapes diet protects from a decrease in metabolic activity, which is necessary for the implementation of cognitive processes and the normal functioning of working memory. Consumed grapes people showed an elevated metabolism and in other areas of the brain.

The researchers studied the effects as the actual grapes as a whole, and its individual components on the brain. The data indicate that the grapes provides a protective effect against senile dementia. The results of this study became another argument in support of the theory that grapes are useful for neurological and cardiovascular health. However, to confirm the findings requires a larger study.

In the current experiment, the researchers selected volunteers who demonstrate early decrease in mental activity. They all received either a grape extract, which corresponded to two and a half cups of these berries, or not contain polyphenols extract placebo, quite similar in taste and appearance.

After 6 months the volunteers have been through an independent assessment of their cognitive activities. Changes in the brain metabolism was assessed using positron emission tomography. It turned out that the grapes helped to maintain healthy metabolic activity in those brain areas which have previously been most evident in the development of dementia.

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