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Doctors recommend to add in the autumn diet of these berries

In autumn, these berries are particularly useful. Nutritionists call all berries are super-useful. Moreover, according to experts, the berries are even healthier than fruit, and all because they have less fructose and more organic acids. In the autumn, when the choice gifts of nature not as large as in the …

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Named the most healthy autumn berries

Most good and taste contains seasonal products. Many mistakenly think that the only way to get it — summer. You probably just have not been on the market in the fall. Summer favorites replaced at least tasty and healthy autumn vegetables, fruits and of course berries. At last you should …

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These berries will strengthen your immune system

On autumn time is a great way to avoid SARS and other diseases. If included in your diet in the fall of these two berries, then the risk of Contracting colds will be less. But if not forget about vegetables and dairy products, the body will be protected against SARS …

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Scientists named the most “contaminated” berries

The specialist acknowledged the strawberries are the most contaminated with pesticides berry. According to who experts obtained in the course of a large-scale study of the composition of 36 thousand samples of various fruits, berries and vegetables, namely strawberries often contain traces of pesticides. In scientific work carried out analysis …

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These fruits and berries will help “accelerate” metabolism

A simple way to speed up the process of weight loss. Fruits and berries are not only full of vitamins (C, carotene, etc.). They contain easily digestible carbohydrates – sugar (glucose, fructose, sucrose) and a diverse range of mineral substances, organic acids, volatile, dietary fiber (cellulose), writes dietitian, gastroenterologist, Michail …

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