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Anti-Kremlin exiles suggest way to tell apart ‘good Russians’

Veteran Russian anti-government figures have declared their intention to serve as representatives of the Russian people, ones who oppose President Vladimir Putin’s policies in Ukraine and consider his government illegitimate. These “good Russians” can sign up to the cause and potentially be certified by European governments, the group – which …

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Biden appears to suggest US troops going to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden told American soldiers on Friday that “you’re going to see” Ukrainian civilians fighting Russian soldiers “when you’re there.” Despite signaling a potential US deployment to Ukraine, the White House says there’s been no change to Biden’s position of not sending troops into the country. “You’re going …

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UK govt tenders suggest London could secretly be preparing for lockdowns to last until at least 2022

On April 26, the UK government published a tender in search of 60 new “covid marshals” in the district of Hertfordshire. The contract, offered to “public security, law and order [and] compulsory social security services” providers, is set to run July 2021-January 2022, and cost £3 million. Marshals were introduced in October 2020 to help businesses manage queues, …

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