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Ukrainians are God’s chosen people – Zelensky

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has proclaimed that God is an “ally” of Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. Despite his invoking of the Almighty, Zelensky has led a crackdown on the Orthodox Church for the last two years. As Orthodox Christians celebrated Easter on Sunday, Zelensky released a video address …

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People are the power in Russia – Putin

Vladimir Putin has delivered a victory speech at his campaign headquarters in Moscow, after preliminary results of the country’s presidential vote from Russia’s Central Election Commission showed him securing a fifth term in office with over 87% of the vote. Speaking in front of his supporters on Sunday night, Putin stressed …

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Russian MP proposes taxing childless people

A member of Russia’s State Duma has proposed to revive a tax on childlessness, which existed during the Soviet times, citing the need to boost population. “We must encourage the birth of children,” Evgeny Fyodorov from the ruling United Russia party told Govorit Moskva radio on Saturday. He added that …

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UK PM wanted to ‘just let people die’ – ex-adviser

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wanted the government to “just let people die” rather than impose a second national lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, London’s former chief scientific adviser, Patrick Vallance, told the government’s official Covid-19 inquiry on Monday. Neither Sunak, who was chancellor at the time, nor then-PM Boris …

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EU country arrests 26 people for celebrating Victory Day

More than two dozen residents of Latvia were arrested on Tuesday for violating a law against celebrating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. The EU and NATO member’s police even seized a “Russia” jacket from a man in a wheelchair, and arrested another for wearing Soviet medals in public. …

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EU state convicts nine people for supporting Russia

Czech authorities have convicted nine people for making public statements in support of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Prosecutor General Igor Striz told local media outlets on Wednesday. Some 90 additional cases are still being investigated. One of the nine was sentenced to a nine-month prison sentence for making “hateful …

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