Sunday , November 29 2020
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The phenomenon of a shaman

The most intriguing political and social life of Russia in recent months, said the move shaman TM Alexander to Moscow. Until he leads and hundreds of supporters, but the interest in his person increased, it is sufficient to say that watching clips of his March on the capital gathered more …

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Scientists have discovered a unique natural phenomenon

The finding was discovered in the Tasman sea. Theorists have long predicted the existence of double vortices, however, to observe them in nature is still not possible. The Tasman sea is drifting two related to each other a giant whirlpool, the existence of which was previously confirmed only the hydrodynamic …

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Residents of Luhansk surprised by the unusual phenomenon

People don’t understand what that object is. This morning, December 26, in the skies over Luhansk noticed a strange phenomenon in the sky. The corresponding photos are published users of Facebook. In the comments under the post notes that the explosion in the result of this phenomenon was not audible. …

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