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Tourists filmed a strange phenomenon around the ancient Mayan pyramid

Туристы засняли необычное явление около древней пирамиды Майя Tornado very close to the building.

New Age cultists from Mexico decided to attract the attention of tourists and to make a worthy competition to Stonehenge from Britain. They made a real holiday of Chichen-Itza. The event took place in the ancient town, founded Mayan located on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Like all the other new-fangled followers of different religions, they sewed for themselves clothes that resembled those worn by a “Mexican Viking”. Then began to loudly beat the drums and dance around the pyramid of Kukulkan. The Aztecs gave the God a slightly different name – Quetzalcoatl. Tourists expressed just that one little desire. They asked God to come down to earth and give a sign that spring has already arrived.

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The Indian guys were so scared of such a sight that immediately began to run and, most likely, was praying that is not the end of the world, which is predicted by the Mayan priests. Only the bravest of tourists will not run away and continued to shoot what was happening. Immediately after this, they tried to find a scientific explanation for what is happening.

However, the scientists had nothing to say except that it is a normal match. But do not forget that the Egyptian pyramids, the ziggurats of Babylon, Mesoamerica is the old religious objects, which, according to legend, was built according to the drawings of supernatural forces and extraterrestrial civilizations.

For example, in the Babylonian texts to find information, which says that over the construction site of the hanging some of the “iron city”, and under it appeared a hologram of the future building. The masons immediately began to carry granite to the hologram and waving shovels and pickaxes. Because of this structure really worked and it appeared some kind of God.

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Some time later ziggurats stopped working or the gods have forgotten about our world, but now the ritual and common prayer certainly could intensify the appearance of God. It should be noted that in the center of Moscow is another “strong” ziggurat, so you should soon expect the development of interesting events.

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