Wednesday , January 29 2020
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The moon has noticed the unusual phenomenon

Again, the scientists noticed a strange glow on the moonA few days ago, an international team of astronomers have reported strange flashes on the lunar surface. Strange flashes of light were seen again. Ufologists said about the alien origin of the strange glow on the moon’s surface. Experts have divided …

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Specialists captured a unique phenomenon in the Sun

Astronomers were able to see the heart of a star. Experts from the laboratory of x-ray astronomy of the Sun, discovered a unique phenomenon on the surface of a hot star.Eclipse, which enveloped the Sun, reminded the scientists heart. After a lot of research, astronomers came to the conclusion that …

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Red lake in Kiev: called the cause of the strange phenomenon

Environmentalists explained the cause of the accident. Environmentalists explained why the lake in the Eastern part of the Park Nivki in Kiev suddenly became bright red. In the water of the pond found a significant amount of bacteria (microorganisms from the group of purple photosynthetic ciabattari), which usually develop in …

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