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Beginning in 2018 will surprise a unique phenomenon

Начало 2018 года удивит уникальным явлениемIn the first month of the year is just two full moons — 1 and 31 January.

The first of the January full moon, or Moon of the Wolf, reaches a maximum on 1 January, at 21:24, so the new year will start with a completely full moon.

In addition, the moon will be in perigee — nearest to the Earth point of the orbit, so the lunar disk in the night sky will seem a little more than usual.

Moon of the Wolf was called the January full moon of the Indian tribes of the Algonquin, which gave names to each full moon of the year.

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At this the coldest time of the year, howl of the wolf chills the soul. They considered this period as the best time for predictions.

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