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These vitamins – the best prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Эти витамины – лучшая профилактика болезни АльцгеймераThe results of the latest research.

Simultaneous use of vitamins E and C reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease – damage to the Central nervous system leading to memory loss and various mental changes. Antioxidant vitamins protect the brain and prevent the destructive activities of side metabolism.

The researchers studied the health 4.740 people aged over 65 years, some of which were already suffering from this disease. Scientists discovered that the disease in less susceptible to those who use both vitamin supplements. It is interesting that the vitamins only work together. Among those who used only vitamin C or E, and those who combined one of them with other supplements, positive results were observed.

Scientists say that vitamin E is able to operate with a smaller dose of vitamin C contained in various vitamin supplements. The study was conducted by the staff of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. Full information about it will appear in the journal the Archives of Neurology.

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