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Varicose veins: causes, prevention and treatment

According to statistics, nearly 70 percent of women after 40 years in Russia there is a chronic venous disease in one stage or another. In the words of phlebology, about 25 percent of patients begin to notice spider veins in the 20-30 years. SPLETNIK.RU tried to understand all the causes …

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This popular drink is called the prevention of gastric cancer

Physicians often recommend drinking milk. Regular consumption of milk lowers the risk of stomach cancer, claim Japanese researchers from Nagoya University. The study involved 500 people, which was observed by scientists. This has allowed researchers to establish that only 180 — 220 ml milk (about a Cup) per day reduce …

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Named the best methods of prevention of SARS and influenza

Performing prevention of influenza and SARS on a daily basis, you protect yourself from these seasonal diseases. From year to year, doctors warn about the need for prevention of the most common illnesses of autumn and winter. Therefore, already had compiled a list of who to follow if they wish …

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Effective prevention of heart disease

Doctors told about the methods of prevention of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease among Ukrainians have long ceased to be rare. Modern living conditions, poor diet, stress, lack of physical activity – all this leads to serious breaches and failures in the body, including the heart. The potential core is: – …

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Doctors called effective prevention of coronary heart disease

Doctors told how to prevent the development of coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease develops due to cholesterol clogged blood vessels and slow blood circulation, when oxygen in sufficient quantity is not supplied to the heart. To avoid this disease, but it should be familiar with the causes of its …

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The doctors named the best product for cancer prevention

Doctors told about the useful properties of prunes.Eating prunes is extremely beneficial effect on bacterial colon health, reducing the most probability of occurrence of one of the most common and deadly types of cancer – colorectal. This could make sure the authors of a study from the United States. The …

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