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The doctors called sharply complicating coronavirus disease

Scientists from China, followed the outbreak of the coronavirus in its initial outbreak, Wuhan city, reported stronger other who threatens to die of a new disease. According to information of JAMA journal of Cardiology, the risk group includes people with disruption of the cardiovascular system. Mortality rate from coronavirus is …

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The causes of chronic kidney disease

In the 90s, the disease had affected staff working on sugar cane plantations in Central America. American scientists in the study found that heavy physical work in hot climates is one of the main reasons for the spread of chronic kidney disease (CKD). On the work of specialists from the …

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Doctors explained how to recognize kidney disease

Named the most common symptoms. In our days millions of people around the world suffer from kidney disease of varying severity. One thing is always – if you suspect a problem with these life-important organs, do not delay visit to the doctor. In this article we will talk about a …

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Sarah Lombardi spoke about the severe disease

Remission in women persistent. According to Lombardi, the cancer she was diagnosed with back in 2014 on Instagram. “The operation was successful, everything was deleted and so far the cancer isn’t back,” wrote a German pop singer, leading to confusion unsuspecting fans.

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Popular blogger died from a terrible disease

On the death of the young man told his sweetheart. In Moscow at the age of 22 years died a blogger Nikita Shalaginov. He suffered from a rare cancer — epithelioid sarcoma. “He went in his sleep. He was not hurt” — she wrote on the personal page in a …

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Named a possible symptoms of renal disease

The doctors pointed to subtle signs of kidney disease. According to statistics, almost all of kidney disease are asymptomatic and only in the acute form manifested the characteristic symptoms. Therefore, physicians are once again called all the possible signs of renal pathologies that should not just alert the person, and …

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