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These symptoms of kidney cancer should not be ignored

Эти признаки рака почки игнорировать нельзяOncologists told about the characteristic symptoms of kidney cancer that should alert man.

Malignancy in the renal tubules is called kidney cancer and it consists essentially of the cells of the body. Doctors say that kidney cancer is one of those types of cancer, which is very fast from the first stage flows into the fourth.

The fact is that cells divide uncontrollably and get into the lymphatic system, at the expense of what other bodies appear metastases and other tumors.

Tumor cells can divide and slower, but often the patient appears for examination when the symptoms become characteristic of cancer.

Who is predisposed to cancer of the kidney?

– more men than women;

– smokers and those who abuse alcohol;

– people with obesity, consume a lot of high-calorie fatty foods during the day;

– the age category of 50 years, sometimes recorded cases diagnosis of kidney cancer at a younger age;

– those who already have kidney disease, for example, dialysis or cystic formation.

The earliest symptoms of kidney cancer:

– anemia, accompanied by weakness;

– loss of appetite and weight loss – you will notice such a symptom, the people who follow figure;

– appearance of blood in the urine;

– pain on the sides of the spine from the back;

– swelling in the same area, which may indicate tumor growth;

– arterial pressure jumps up that have no predecessors;

– swelling of the face and extremities.

Later symptoms of kidney cancer:

– aching pain in the joints;

– expectoration of blood;

– difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and shortness of breath.

Oncologists are convinced that to protect themselves from cancer and everyone can, even those who have “bad” heredity. The main thing is to live a healthy lifestyle and timely examined by specialists, especially if there were some symptoms which were not previously observed.

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