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The causes of chronic kidney disease

In the 90s, the disease had affected staff working on sugar cane plantations in Central America. American scientists in the study found that heavy physical work in hot climates is one of the main reasons for the spread of chronic kidney disease (CKD). On the work of specialists from the …

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Named the best folk remedies for kidney health

The list includes five simple recipes. Sudden spasms and very severe pain in lower back, chills, blood in urine, burning sensation and bloating – all symptoms of kidney problems. Sometimes this condition is hereditary, but the most common cause of becoming ourselves, or rather our way of life. Medication is …

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Doctors explained how to recognize kidney disease

Named the most common symptoms. In our days millions of people around the world suffer from kidney disease of varying severity. One thing is always – if you suspect a problem with these life-important organs, do not delay visit to the doctor. In this article we will talk about a …

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Symptoms of kidney infections that cannot be ignored

A common problem during the beach season. In hot weather, the people, plunged in cold water, often subsequently suffer from kidney infections. To cope with them is quite difficult, and therefore it is important to know what to do in such situations. The causes of developing kidney infection doctors call …

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How to recognize kidney stones: symptoms

Doctors have identified the possible signs of the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed for several reasons and often it is an infection of the urogenital tract, obesity, diabetes and chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine, stomach and pancreas. By themselves, the kidney stones can exit the body …

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Doctors have found, where are kidney stones

The largest stone weighed more than a kilogram. Its diameter was equal to 17 centimeters. No, the patient didn’t ingest the mineral the size of a coconut. Kidney stones form inside us and unfortunately, they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. They constitute a solid mass composed of crystals …

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Worrisome symptoms of kidney disease that can not be ignored

Urolithiasis: major symptomsSymptoms of kidney disease sometimes absent, and in some cases quite vague, so to establish the exact diagnosis will only help a special examination. The risk of kidney disease is that they often quickly become chronic, which is much harder to treat than early forms and manifestations. Urolithiasis …

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These symptoms of kidney cancer should not be ignored

Oncologists told about the characteristic symptoms of kidney cancer that should alert man. Malignancy in the renal tubules is called kidney cancer and it consists essentially of the cells of the body. Doctors say that kidney cancer is one of those types of cancer, which is very fast from the …

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Effective folk remedies to cleanse the kidney stones

Many diseases of the urinary system accompanied by the appearance of sand, and subsequently the formation of stones in the kidneys and bladder. Very effective for the prevention and treatment of these negative phenomena is the purification of the kidneys. In addition, bring the stones from the kidneys will help …

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