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Found a vegetable that can stop the development of cancer

Tomatoes are very beneficial for cancer prevention. Scientists told about what vegetable can help stop the development of cancer. Studies conducted by American scientists from Ohio state University. According to them, the experiment was conducted on mice. Rodents were exposed to ultraviolet rays and fed food with a special Supplement. …

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Identify the key signs of skin cancer

The risk group also includes people who often appear new moles. Melanoma is one of the most dangerous skin diseases. Including the fact that its quite difficult to diagnose. Therefore it is best to detect the disease in its so-called precancerous condition. It is to them with special care is …

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Scientists closer to beating cancer

Innovative vaccine was first tested on humans. In the United States successfully conducted the first phase of human studies of cancer vaccine. The principle of its operation is that it adjusts on provoking the destruction of the tumor protein GUCY2C immune system. The vaccine was developed by scientists from Thomas …

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Identified the main factors of lung cancer

This disease can manifest itself, even if you have never smoked. Every fifth case of lung cancer diagnosed in those who have never even touched a cigarette. According to statistics, lung cancer affects women more, in addition, patients who have never smoked, tend to be younger smokers who are diagnosed …

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