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These products mistakenly believe healthy

Эти продукты ошибочно считают полезными для здоровьяThey are actually very harmful.

Some foods that are considered to be useful, really only seem to be such. It turns out that the use of only a mask, and under it hides the phantom menace for good health.

What harmful utility can be found in your kitchen? We will discuss the most popular ones.


Many favorite quick Breakfast is cereal or instant oatmeal, actually absolutely not a dietary product. Due to grind the flakes quickly digested, causing a feeling of satiety quickly. In addition, their glycemic index is higher than normal for 10-20 units, that is, the mess causes sharp spike of insulin in the blood, which leads to weight gain (glucose removed from the blood in adipose tissue) and diabetes.

Milk with 0% fat

Dairy products with a fat content of 0%, many consider it more useful than the others. However, in the degreasing process of the dairy products are removed vitamins that the body needs for proper assimilation of protein and calcium. Therefore, in the absorption of the body begins to consume its own stockpiles, which leads to beriberi (manifested by peeling of the skin, indigestion, weakness, etc.).

Juice for Breakfast

Many people perceive the habit to drink fresh juice for Breakfast (if not fasting) useful and religiously follow her every morning. However, in all fruit and most vegetable juices contain a lot of acids. Drunk on an empty stomach, the juice irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach, which will eventually lead to its inflammation – gastritis.

Fruit with cottage cheese

This dessert is a priori considered useful and even revered professional athletes. However, the combination of milk protein and complicated carbs digestion is first digested in the stomach, the second in the mouth with saliva, and both processes cannot occur simultaneously. Hence the heaviness in the stomach, flatulence and heartburn. Fruit should be eaten separately from main meal 40 minutes before food or 2 hours after.


This product, unlike flour, it seems easier to digest and less nutritious. Therefore, they try to replace bread. However, the glycemic index of this product is as much as 94 units, and he also, like Express oatmeal provokes a surge of insulin, the growth of adipose tissue and the development of diabetes.

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