Friday , October 30 2020
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Society that no one asks, must choose whom to believe less

In a situation with the Khabarovsk Governor, we see a lovely example of when society, which, however, no one asks, should choose someone who believes less “authoritative” to the businessman close to Zhirinovsky or at least “authoritative” bodies. I would like to say — eat each other, but the problem …

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The society does not believe in nullification

The Kremlin provides the appearance of power, but can not generate confidence in the procedure. St. Petersburg 1.1 million voters — 28% of the total of 28 June have already voted (early) for amendments to the Constitution. The vast majority of them “state employees” and pensioners: the first city government …

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“New York times” does not believe in tears

The ongoing dialogue between the foreign ministries of Russia and the newspaper “new York times” for the number of victims of coronavirus in Russia is becoming more and more emotional tone. This process demonstrates one of the main features of the new reality of the XXI century — the helplessness …

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Oil Jihad: the Arabs in Putin’s words do not believe

Oil-producing countries are frantically trying to agree on the maintenance of oil prices in terms of the collapse of the global economy. However, immediately after the announcement of new negotiations within OPEC+ States began to exchange mutual recriminations: Moscow accused Riyadh in the failure of the previous transaction, and Riyadh, …

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