Friday , May 14 2021
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Fewer than 400 healthy people under 60 have died of Covid in England, so it’s not wrong to question our response to the pandemic

Post-Christmas Covid-19 cabin fever has gripped Britain and, sick of arguing with their families, our rarely-sought, often-found self-appointed ‘experts’ are asking why, in a world that revolves pretty-much around themselves, they must stick by the current tier system restrictions. Everyone loves a good barney, particularly over the festive season, and …

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The sick from the healthy can not be separated

Epistemology coronavirus zeroes essentialism for those who still doubt: there is no sick, no healthy and only social distance. In films about apocalips in General and about the pandemic in particular it always is a very clear, visual image of the disease. All are divided into healthy and infected, and …

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Healthy leader of the nation of

The people’s discontent with cosmedicine and the apparent growing tension within the system Putin meets in the genre of “straight line” with yourself. Higher events dedicated to urgent fiddling with the crisis in our medicine consisted of two parts. First, “meeting of Vladimir Putin with members of the public”, and …

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The effect of “healthy eating” was equal to zero

Everyone knows what a healthy diet: more vegetables and fruit, less meat and sugar. But in fact, scientific evidence that such recommendations are correct, no. The Austrians need to fix their own health. Organizing the campaign “Make the first move!”, “turquoise blue” the government encourages the population to lead a …

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