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These healthy foods will help to strengthen the nervous system

Эти полезные продукты помогут укрепить нервную системуInclude in your diet citrus fruits, apricots and green vegetables, this will help to avoid stress.

It is very important to include in your diet foods that will help you to stay calm and not be nervous for any reason.

According to experts, a properly selected diet can solve many health problems.

Oranges. German scientists found that vitamin C helps relieve stress and leads to normal blood pressure and the levels of the hormone cortisol after a stressful situation.

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Sweet potatoes. The potato comes to the rescue in situations when the body needs carbohydrates. It is much more useful than relieve stress sweets. All because it contains beta-carotene and kletchatka that promote a longer absorption of the carbohydrates.

Dried apricots .Dried apricots rich in magnesium, and it, in turn, has a calming effect reduces the excitability of the nervous system. Deficiency of this substance can cause headaches, fatigue and even depression.

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Spinach . This is another rich source of magnesium. One Cup of spinach contains almost half your daily value of magnesium.

Salmon . Here an important role is played by a different element, a fatty acid omega-3, which normalizes levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Green vegetables. Cabbage, broccoli and other green vegetables contain many vitamins that are needed by the body in a stressful condition.

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