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The most dangerous methods of treatment of colds

Самые опасные методы лечения простудыSome traditional methods for the treatment of colds has long been recognised as official medicine is unsafe for health.

For many people Christmas holidays is overshadowed by a runny nose, high body temperature, cough, and other symptoms of the common cold and SARS. To go to hospital no one wants, therefore, to prescribed medicines from the doctor and add more most popular methods of treatment of seasonal illnesses, but as it turned out, some of them quite dangerous, so they must be used with caution, or better yet, consult a therapist and to be treated as he would say.

These traditional methods of treatment of colds are the most dangerous:

To put banks in many countries are prohibited. We reason this method is still popular. The fact is that banks do not increase blood circulation and break it, moreover, promotes rapid spread of infection in the body, so the disease can develop into more serious, like bronchitis or pneumonia.

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Herbal infusions. In fact, herbs can help to treat colds, but you need to be absolutely sure that the plant that you are going to drink in the form of infusion or decoction, it will not cause you allergies or anaphylactic shock. One of these is Daisy, she is a great disinfectant, destroying pathogens, but at the same time may cause allergic reactions.

Nose drops of onion juice with sunflower oil. If the oil is fairly harmless, it is from the onion juice, you can receive serious burns to the mucosa of the nasopharynx that further exacerbate the disease.

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Rubbing vodka. This is the most dangerous method of treatment of colds, because the skin contact temperaturesare a person with the vodka comes a spasm of blood vessels and blood circulation slows down. Yeah, the skin becomes cold, but the temperature of the internal organs increases sharply, leading to serious side effects such as severe complications.

Remember that the only true treatment of colds may appoint a professional doctor and not trust any commercials, because most of the drugs are not able to cure the man, even from a banal cold.

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