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Network laugh treatment “residents of Donbass” to Zelensky

Among the “residents of Donbass” were the stars of “Game of thrones”. In the Internet appeared the website, which published an appeal by the alleged “residents of Donbass” to President Vladimir Zelensky with the requirement to provide the occupied territories autonomy. “We, the people of Donbass, to demand from the …

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Varicose veins: causes, prevention and treatment

According to statistics, nearly 70 percent of women after 40 years in Russia there is a chronic venous disease in one stage or another. In the words of phlebology, about 25 percent of patients begin to notice spider veins in the 20-30 years. SPLETNIK.RU tried to understand all the causes …

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Doctors have proposed a new method of cancer treatment

Researchers from Women’s hospital Brigham (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) has proposed an unusual method of cancer treatment in which the killers of tumor cells are cancer cells themselves. Such therapy, according to data presented by scientists, is possible if to use the technique of genetic “editing”. In the journal Science …

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The most dangerous methods of treatment of colds

Some traditional methods for the treatment of colds has long been recognised as official medicine is unsafe for health. For many people Christmas holidays is overshadowed by a runny nose, high body temperature, cough, and other symptoms of the common cold and SARS. To go to hospital no one wants, …

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Found a powerful substance for the treatment of tuberculosis

Scientists have discovered a new substance which can be used to affect the tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is a infectious disease usually affecting the lungs. He is the second after malaria, the most deadly infectious disease caused by one bacterium, the number of victims among the inhabitants of our planet. In search …

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