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Popular methods of treatment of cough

These recipes against cough became popular in the days when there was such an abundance of tablets and syrups. In the season of viral diseases, when one-third of the surrounding coughing and suffering from a cold, it is very important to learn how to self-treat, because to see Dr. a …

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In Canada, a woman boiled alive for a treatment in the Spa

The woman took mud wraps. 35-year-old woman died after a hot mud in a self-proclaimed Spa in Canada. Chantal Lavigne from Quebec decided to treat myself to a “session sweating”: the procedure is that of a man covered from head to toe with mud, wrap in cellophane, covered with a …

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Scientists have proposed a new method of cancer treatment

Scientists from the U.S. have found a natural mechanism by which the human body can overcome the cancer cells.The researchers found that the first metazoans had an effective system of fight against malignant tumors. Its main element was the small interfering RNA, “turn off” any target gene. In the evolution …

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Unconventional methods of cold treatment

Traditional methods of treating colds is not inferior in effectiveness to pharmaceutical drugs. Cold for fall is a normal phenomenon, but the official medicine does not accept this definition of seasonal diseases accompanied by symptoms of acute respiratory infection, so no doctor will prescribe treatment against the common cold, and …

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