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Doctors have proposed a new method of cancer treatment

Медики предложили новый способ лечения ракаResearchers from Women’s hospital Brigham (Brigham and Women’s Hospital) has proposed an unusual method of cancer treatment in which the killers of tumor cells are cancer cells themselves.

Such therapy, according to data presented by scientists, is possible if to use the technique of genetic “editing”.

In the journal Science Translational Medicine scientific experts have told that cancer cells have self-repairing ability and can keep track of other tumor cells of the same kind. This property of onkokletok scientists, it was decided to use for transporting drugs. The cell with this drug, looking for another cell for the connection, would ensure its destruction.

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“We can redesign the cancer cells of the patient and to their use for the treatment of cancer. We believe that this can be applicable to all types of cancer cells,” – said in this regard, study co-author Khalid Shah, M. S.

Scientists have been tested in preclinical models for various types of cancer cells. According to the researchers, they obtained promising results. They also noted that the method of delivery of drugs to tumors using cancer cells may help when standard therapy fails.

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In the study, experts used a special technology to edit the genome of cancer cells and the introduction of drug molecules. After the introduction of such cells into the body, the researchers observed that these cells migrated to the place of the tumors. In mice, they destroyed receiveready and metastatic cancer.

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