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Found a new way of treatment from cancer

Scientists have been able to find a new way to treat cancerThe idea of a new type of cancer is to “teach” cells, consisting in the environment of the tumor and not allow it to grow and form metastases. As a kind of “exciter” data cells, the researchers intend to …

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Effective method of treatment in hypothyroidism

The doctors shared a powerful prescription treatment thyroid. Hypothyroidism – a syndrome of disorders of the thyroid gland, characterized by neuropsychiatric disorders, swelling of the face, limbs and trunk, lowered heart rate. For the treatment of this disease use the following tool. Recipe Take the peel of 1 lemon, 1 …

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American dentists have invented a new technology of treatment

Now the treatment of dangerous phenomena is possible without lasers. American dental clinic started to implement a new method of treatment of periodontitis. Technology LANAP allows you to remove damaged tissue between the teeth and gums with a laser, without surgery. The creators of the technique claim that the new …

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Treatment in Israel

Medical tourism in Israel has long proved its high efficiency. Treatment in this country every year is gaining popularity, especially among residents of Russia and the former Soviet Union. – Treatment in Israel – is a 100% guarantee of providing high quality medical care combined with the use of modern …

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Proven tools for the treatment of swelling

Edema is the swelling of tissues as a result of a pathological increase in interstitial fluid. A transudate is formed, as a rule, from blood plasma and accumulates in an enhanced transfer of fluid from vasculature into interstitial space (in some cases, in an anatomical cavity). Noticeable General swelling in …

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