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The main advantages of treatment in Israel

Главные преимущества лечения в ИзраилеThe Israeli clinic is the best in the world, which is why they choose about 50% of people with various diseases.

Today in Israel, the medicine is higher than in European countries, but the cost of treatment of serious diseases is much lower.

Cancer treatment in Israel

This area of medicine is actively studied and developed in the leading Israeli clinics. Cancer patients from all points of the globe fly to Israel in order to entrust their health and life to professional oncologists from https://assutatop.com/lechenie-za-rubezhom-ceny/ that use innovative methods of cancer treatment coping with one of the most terrible diseases of the century as surgical and non-surgical method.

That Israeli doctors suggest?

First and foremost, on arrival at the clinic by prior arrangement, a patient undergoes all necessary diagnostic procedures, which enable the doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis and choose the most effective method of treatment.

Accompanying relatives or the spouse of the patient will be provided with housing, but the conditions of dwelling and geographical location will depend on the material possibilities.

By the way, the patient can choose the physician who will in the future be treated. Here, basically, play a huge role the reviews of other people who have already received treatment and was satisfied with the work doctor.

Главные преимущества лечения в Израиле

The cost of treatment in Israel

A fixed amount for treatment of a disease, representatives of the Israeli clinics are not able to call well in advance, seeing only a statement from the hospital where the person was diagnosed.

The cost of treatment depends on many factors:

– the stage or degree of disease;

– the patient’s condition;

– list of necessary medicines in this case;

– the place of residence of the patient and his attendant;

– airfare from your country of permanent residence to Israel.

Advantages of treatment in Israeli hospitals:

1. Affordable prices. In Israel, cancer treatment costs about two times cheaper than in America.

2. Innovative technology. Israeli doctors are constantly studying new treatments for certain diseases and can offer their patients the best of the best.

3. Improved rehabilitation programs, through which patients after surgery recover faster.

4. Precise diagnosis on high-tech medical equipmentthat allows doctors in the shortest possible time to determine which method of treatment will be optimal in each case.

5. Individual approach. Israeli doctors are tailored to the specific patient’s health status that applied to them for help, and then decide how they will treat him.

By the way, medical tourism in Israel is in demand among celebrities, who primarily do not choose somewhere cheaper and better.

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