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These vegetables are losing favor during heat treatment

Эти овощи теряют пользу при термической обработкеThem healthier to eat raw.

Cooking on fire has enabled man to significantly diversify their diet. Over time, however, passion for heat treatment, all these aranyam, jams, paranam, extinguish and baking led to the fact that we began to eat very little fresh, raw foods. And thus underpaid for a lot of vitamins which in most cases lost during processing. Of course, there are a number of vegetables, which only reinforce its beneficial qualities, which we already wrote. However, the majority growing in the garden don’t like fire and steam and lose their vitamins, despite the fact that you cook them very gently, with love.

Such a useful beets during cooking, it loses almost 40% of folic acid, without which it is impossible to imagine nutrition of pregnant women or cancer patients. And tomatoes, let and maintain the healthy lycopene, but getting rid of 80% of valuable potassium, zinc and magnesium which in some cases is much more important for your body than antioxidants.

Pepper eat it raw, this vegetable can not tolerate temperature. After 3 minutes boiling or stewing it loses 70% of vitamin C. same thing happens with the garlic, but besides the vitamin C it loses PP and representatives of group B. So, making delicious dishes, not undercut with heat treatment, or in addition to the taste you will not get any benefit.

Broccoli and asparagus are better to eat raw. Although it is difficult to imagine. In extreme cases – rare, provari or preparing for a couple of not longer than 3-5 minutes. Other than “green” taste and fiber you will not receive any vitamins.

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